Appraisal Consultants, Inc. is a full service Appraisal company, here are some of the services we provide:

Banking Form

1004 UAD (Interior & Exterior)


1073 UAD Condo Appraisal


New Construction (1004UAD)


Construction Inspection(For Escrow Payments)
Completion Inspections


VA Appraisals


VA Liquidation Appraisals


FHA Appraisals


VA & FHA Completion Inspections


2055UAD Exterior-Only Inspection




Land Appraisal


2055 Freddie Mac


Private Forms

General Form (Full Appraisal)


Residential Land Appraisal


Commercial - Narrative Appraisal
Fee based on complexity of job. Contact us for a quote!


The intended use as well as specifics about a property can all affect the price of an appraisal report. Tell us a little about what you're needing, and we'll reply as soon as possible with our price and an estimate of how long it may take.


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